Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Some Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started?

The process begins by contacting us and opening a file. We will then send you a request authorizing us to contact the CRA and MRQ in order to download your tax information, so we can begin work on your Canadian Taxes.

Can we meet to discuss my situation?

Yes! But given Provincial health guidelines at this time you may wish to opt for our virtual services which include one on one Zoom or telephone consultations.

How do I get my documents to you?

Once registered with us, we will send you a document request which will allow you to send us your documents via an encrytped document transfer.

Do I need to sign any release forms?

Yes. We will require a release form in order to retrieve your personal info from the Federal and Provincial governments. Another release will be required if you want us to communicate with the government on your behalf. Both the exhange of these documents and their signing can be done electronically.

Do I need special software?

For personal Income Tax filing you do not need tax software. If we are contracted to do your payroll or other administrative duties for your business then we may determine that it’s more efficient for both parties to be using the same software.

Can I pay by cheque?

You can, but for your convenience and ours you can pay your invoice by eTransfer as well.

How long does the process take?

That depends on a number of factors. If it’s a straight foward personal Income Tax return, it can be completed in a matter of a couple of days. If you’re self-employed or the owner of a small business the process can take longer. Keep in mind, the closer we get to the filing deadline the busier we tend to be, as people tend to leave things to the last minute. So don’t delay!

How how long before I get my tax refund?

That depends on the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenu Quebec. But in general efiling speeds things up a great deal, reducing refund time from potentially months, down to just a few weeks.

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